Arkansas 911 News

Woman Launches Vehicle Off Of Wrecker Truck Ramp; Rollover Crash – HOT SPRINGS

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Arkansas State Police Troop “A” Corporal Beckwith investigated a crash involving a stopped and working wrecker truck on Highway 70E early Sunday Morning.


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Evidence at the scene showed that the ramp bed of the wrecker truck was down, on the pavement, on the westbound shoulder as a vehicle involved in a previous crash was being loaded onto the ramp when a black, westbound sedan approached from the rear of the working scene.  The approaching sedan failed to notice the wrecker truck and struck the driver’s side of the lowered bed.  The sedan rode the ramp up and began either traveling on only the driver’s side wheels or became airborne or a combination of both.  The 1st evidence of the sedan impacting the pavement that I saw was approximately 104 ft. west of impact with the wrecker truck.  This 1st set of impact marks probably began the rollover action.  It is possible that the sedan also flipped end over end for a distance.  The sedan came to final rest right side up on the westbound roadside.  The driver was unable to remove herself from the vehicle due to structural damage the sedan received.

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol assisted as necessary.

Lonsdale Fire & Rescue Troops arrived quickly and removed the driver from the vehicle, did medical assessment, took charge of traffic control, performed debris cleanup duties and otherwise assisted as necessary.

LifeNet dispatched an Ambulance Crew to the scene.  They met with the people involved, but there were no injuries.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 1 hour.