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Wanted Man Steals iPhone..Flees On Foot..Girlfriend Hinders Police; Arrest x 2 – HOT SPRINGS

By E’Lyse Golden, Investigative Reporter

Hot Springs Village Police responded to Malaga Way on September 25 around 7:30pm about a theft.

The victim said she invited, Tristan Smith, 23, of Thornton Ferry Road in Hot Springs, to visit her in her home.

The victim’s silver iPhone 6+ was sitting on a corner table in her living room. She couldn’t find her phone after Smith left.

The victim said she didn’t see Smith take it but believed he did.

HSVPD Officer Whiley was searching leads online on September 26 and saw that Smith sold a silver iPhone 6+ to an EcoATM at Wal-Mart.

Ofc. Whiley knew it was Smith because Smith had to verify his identity to the machine with his driver’s license.

Ofc. Whiley notified a representative at Wal-Mart. The representative told Ofc. Whiley how to gain access to the machine and retrieve the phone.

On September 27, Ofc. Whiley met with the victim at Wal-Mart. The victim positively identified the phone and proved it was hers.

The phone was released back to the victim and a warrant was obtained for Smith’s arrest.

Garland County Sheriff Department’s Deputy Parker was patrolling around Piney Junction on December 23 around 2:30am and saw a subject acting strangely at The Crossings Apartments on Thornton Ferry Road.

A Dodge Dakota pulled up to the gate at the apartments. A subject exited from the front passenger side of the vehicle before the driver finished putting in the gate code.

The subject began to walk quickly around the gate. He kept looking back towards Dep. Parker as he walked away.

The gate opened and Dep. Parker activated his emergency lights. Dep. Parker yelled at the subject to stop, but the subject yelled something to the driver of the Dodge and kept walking.

Dep. Parker ran after the subject, but the subject ran around the corner of one of the apartment buildings and disappeared.

Dep. Parker spoke with the driver of the vehicle. The driver identified the passenger as Smith and said that he was trying to drop him off at the apartments. The driver led Dep. Parker to Smith’s apartment.

Dep. Parker ran Smith’s information through the police computer and found that his address on file was the same apartment the driver led him to. Dep. Parker also found multiple warrants for Smith’s arrest.

Dep. Parker knocked on the apartment door and Ashley Crail, 20, of Thornton Ferry Road in Hot Springs, answered the door. Dep. Parker asked Crail if Smith was in the apartment, but she didn’t answer.

Dep. Parker told Crail that Smith had warrants for his arrest and just ran from him. Crail said Smith wasn’t in the apartment and refused to cooperate.

GSCO Deputy Tatum was standing at the door beside Dep. Parker and saw Smith in the back room of the apartment. Dep. Tatum told Smith to exit and Smith tried to shut the door of the room.

Dep. Parker found Smith in the closet of the back room trying to change his clothes.

Smith and Crail were both arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center.

Smith is charged with fleeing on foot. He was served a theft by receiving warrant for the iPhone and two failure to appear warrants. Bond was set at $4,500.

Crail is charged with hindering the apprehension of a person who committed a Class D Felony. Bond was set at $1,000.

Tristan Smith, 23, of Thornton Ferry Road in Hot Springs

Ashley Crail, 20, of Thornton Ferry Road in Hot Springs