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WANTED: Absconding Parolee Hunter Hollingsworth..Akers Road Manhunt; Still On The Run – GARLAND COUNTY

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Arkansas Community Corrections/Special Response Team Members were in the area of Akers Road yesterday on unrelated business when they spotted Parole Absconder Hunter Hollingsworth, 30, of Garland County attempting to elude them on foot.

The Agents lost him when he entered the woods.  They opted to keep the track fresh by stopping and calling for the Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol and Arkansas State Police to assist as well as Hot Springs Police K-9 and Arkansas Department of Corrections K-9 Teams.

All of the backup converged on the area and set out to track the parolee through the woods and up a large hill.  They stayed at it for a while, but there comes a point in any manhunt where you either catch the suspect or you have to call it off.  An effort like this ties up an incredible amount of both on duty resources and off-duty assets from multiple agencies that come out to assist.  This manhunt was called off after at least 3 hours.  Parolee Hollingsworth is still on the loose.

WANTED: Parolee Hunter Hollingsworth – considered extremely dangerous.

Parolee Hunter Hollingsworth is 30 years old, 5’8″, 170 lbs. and is known to frequent the Akers Road area in Garland County.  Numerous arrest warrants have been issued for him and law enforcement considers him extremely dangerous.  He was last seen in the area of Akers Road at Barnes Place around 2PM yesterday.  He was wearing dark pants and no shirt.  He has a lot of tattoos from the neck down.

If you see Parolee Hunter Hollingsworth, call 911 immediately.  The 911 Operator will want to know your location, the parolee’s location, his direction of travel, description of clothing, description and directi0n of travel if he is in a vehicle and other info as the situation dictates.

This is the spot where Parolee Hollingsworth entered the woods. The house shown is not involved in the enforcement action.