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Shooting Victim Found Next To Stolen Car – GARLAND COUNTY

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol was dispatched to the scene of a shooting at a residence in the 2700 Block of Highway 128 around 3AM this morning where a woman had reportedly been shot and the suspect was still on scene with a gun.  After a few very tense minutes, GCSO 911 Dispatchers advised that the people at the scene had the shooter held down on the ground.

The LifeNet Air Crew, A LifeNet Ambulance Crew and several Lonsdale Rescue Troops were advised to hold back up the highway and do not enter the area until GCSO Sergeant Kellar and his crew verified that the scene was safe for the emergency medical responders to arrive and go to work.

Deputies arrived quickly and made the scene safe.  At least 2 people were handcuffed and detained at the scene.  They were later transported by patrol cars to (presumably) the GCSO CID Offices located inside the sheriff’s department on Ouachita Avenue for interviews.

GCSO Patrol Captain Dodd got busy obtaining a search warrant for the house involved.  He had to wake up one of our Honorable Judges in order to get the search warrant signed.  He got the warrant and went back to the scene, gave the warrant to GCSO CID Investigators and they are busy searching for clues there right now.

Sgt. Kellar found an interesting looking, black, military style bag in the ditch adjacent to where the victim was found.  He also found an Arkansas passenger vehicle license plate in the ditch next to the bag.  A stolen black Ford Mustang (with no license plate) was sitting in the driveway next to where the shooting victim was found.  The Mustang is reported stolen out of Oklahoma.

Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery transported the evidence to the Garland County Sheriff’s Garage with Sgt. Kellar serving as escort for the trip.

The LifeNet Helicopter landed on Highway 128 about 1/4 mile from the scene.  Traffic was stopped for approximately 30 minutes during the operation.

I’ll try to get the sheriff’s report or a press release later today.