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Sheriff’s Patrol Shoots Suspect At Scrubbies Village Wash; Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol was dispatched to Scrubbies Village Wash around midnight last night to investigate the report of an allegedly stolen vehicle that someone had located there.

Deputies arrived to find a white MITSUBISHI car at the property.

Deputies weren’t on scene long before someone got on the radio and yelled “shots fired!”.

When I arrived approximately 25 minutes later, yellow sheriff’s tape marked off the crime scene and a deputy sheriff was in the LifeNet Ambulance being checked out.  The suspect was immediately arrested and LifeNet was ordered to the scene.

The white suspect vehicle was parked in wash bay with 2 bullet holes clearly visible in the windshield.  Evidence markers on the ground identified the location of at least 1 shell casing.

This case is under investigation and a press release will probably be out later today.