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Press Release: HSPD Department Anonymous Survey Link Available Here – HOT SPRINGS

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

HSPD seeking community sentiment via online survey

Press Release – CITY OF HOT SPRINGS (Aaron Street, Public Information Director)

HOT SPRINGS – The Hot Springs Police Department (HSPD) is seeking input from community members from across Hot Springs through an online survey that will be available between Friday, Oct. 16, and Friday, Oct. 23.

“As we build our strategic plan for the police department, an important part of the process is for us to solicit feedback from our community,” said HSPD Chief Chris Chapmond. “By hearing the current sentiments of our citizens, we will be able to better develop a community-centric approach to public safety.”

The survey can be found at It consists of 16 questions, and takes only a few minutes to complete. It is being administered by JPJ Consulting, of Little Rock, and will be completely anonymous as individual responses will not be available to the HSPD. All data will be aggregated, and honest answers will lead to the best policy development.

“I want to encourage all Hot Springs residents to complete this Hot Springs Police Department Sentiment Survey,” said City Manager Bill Burrough. “I could not be more proud of the work being done by our police department leadership and all the officers and staff. This year has been especially challenging for the HSPD with the loss of Officer Brent Scrimshire, as well as the pandemic, yet they are coming out of it stronger and even closer to our community.”

Burrough introduced Chapmond at two recent town hall meetings in Districts 1 and 2. Chapmond, who assumed the role of chief of police on July 1, 2020, addressed area concerns and public perception about safety, as well as the role of police in our communities. Participants provided answers to a series of questions on pre-printed notecards, and the information served as talking points for Chapmond.