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Odd “Bed Fire” On Cynthia Circle – GARLAND COUNTY

Piney Fire Troops were called out for a trailer house fire early Wednesday Morning on Cynthia Circle.

A witness at the scene stated that a person was in a bed inside the trailer house at the time of the fire.  The fire was reportedly in the same bed.  Half of the bed was burned.  The fire was contained to the 1 bedroom.

When the person escaped from the room, they pulled the door closed.  Piney Fire Troop Scott Miser later explained to me that when a fire is in a space like a bedroom, the simple act of closing the door can smother the fire to the point it extinguishes itself – which is pretty much what happened here.  The fire sucks all the oxygen out of the room…fire can not burn without oxygen.

The person in the bed jumped up and ran out.  no injury was reported.