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MSFD Investigates Burning Smell At The Convenience Store – GARLAND COUNTY

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

Morning Star Fire & Rescue Troops responded to the complaint of a burning smell coming from inside the Circle K Gas Station at Akers Road last week.

MSFD Captain Thompson and his associates arrived quickly and immediately went to work trying to locate the source of the smell.

Capt. Thompson went up a ladder to an electrical piece of gear that is mounted on the roof.  He was very interested in a small item (presumably taken from the piece of electrical gear on the roof of the building).

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol responded and assisted as needed.

I do not have any further details on this call.  To the best of my knowledge, MSFD was able to stop the smell, the problem was or will be fixed and everybody lived happily ever after.