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Lake Hamilton Fire Department’s 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off – GARLAND COUNTY

Lake Hamilton Fire Department held their 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off Thursday, November 21, 2019.

The competition.

This year brought 11 chili entries, all vying for 1st place bragging rights.  LHFD invited Thomas Plummer, Calie Plummer and Paul Maddox to be the guest judges.

The judges were sequestered to the training room in order to blindly taste and judge each of the 11 different chili entries.

LHFD Fire Chief Doug Davey served up chili to the judges.

Each participant randomly drew a number that determined which order their chili would be judged.  They were allowed to decorate their bowls and even the serving tray any way they wanted.

One participant even made sure their Lake Hamilton pride was shown in the cheese on their chili.

Some participants added a little extra to the serving tray.

Taste, presentation, and authenticity were factors in the judges ratings.  After much deliberation, the judges chose the winners.  It was such a tight race that 2 of the chilis were put to a taste-off.  Different varieties of cornbread were offered with chili throughout the contest.  The judges felt like effort went into making the cornbread.  So, they included a Best Cornbread Category among the contest.  Also, the judges didn’t feel like the Chicken Chili entry was actually “chili”, but was so delicious, they all 3 felt compelled to recognize the dish with an Honorable Mention award.

Judges Thomas Plummer, Calie Plummer and Paul Maddox working hard to pick a winner amongst a sea of chili entries.

The winners of the 2nd Annual LHFD Chili Cook-Off are:

  • First place: Sam Wells
  • Second place: Jonathan Lishbrook
  • Third place: Alicia Davey
  • Honorable Mention: Dillan Cambron’s chicken chili
  • Best Cornbread: Shauna Knobloch

1st place – Sam Wells

2nd place – Jonathan Lishbrook

3rd place – Alicia Davey

Honorable Mention – Dillan Cambron

Best Cornbread – Shauna Knobloch

Family, friends, and guests got to chow down on the chili after the judges had been served a bowl of each.

Kiddos enjoying chili.

Lake Hamilton Fire Department is looking forward to next year’s chili cook-off and hopes to open it up to other fire departments in the future.