Arkansas 911 News

HSPD Chases & Catches Vehicle Burglars – Hot Springs

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Vanderburg was dispatched to check a suspicious vehicle in the area of Lakeside School around 1AM Friday Morning.  As he was approaching the area, he observed the suspect vehicle leaving the area.  He turned on the vehicle and it fled from him.


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He called in the pursuit and his associates (including members of the Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol) all moved into position to assist.  The suspect vehicle tried to duck and dodge the officer.  The suspect vehicle crashed at one point blowing out 3 tires and continued leading the parade running on the 3 flats.

The suspect stopped in the middle of the road in front of the donut shop on Malvern Avenue at Golf Links.  Police closed the highway as the felony traffic stop was being conducted (approximately 10 minutes).  The driver and his female passenger were handcuffed.  They and all the vehicles were moved into the Eastgate Plaza Parking Lot so the investigation could proceed in a safe spot.

HSPD Shift Supervisor Lt. Patrick and his crack squad of crime fighters were able to figure out that this couple is allegedly responsible for recent break-ins around here.  Stolen property was allegedly recovered from this vehicle.  Both suspects were then arrested.

Then, they figured out that the driver, Skye Alexander Kelly, 19, of Hot Springs, was wanted out of Lonoke County.  They charged him with Fleeing In Vehicle, Obstructing Governmental Operations, Failure To Comply and Breaking & Entering x4.  Bond is set at $15,500, but he will be wearing government pajamas at least until he settles up with an Honorable Judge in Lonoke County.


Skye Alexander Kelly

His passenger, Kelsey Elaine Smith, 21, was charged with Breaking & Entering x4.  Bond was set at $10,000.  She has already bonded out and will see one of our Honorable Judges next month or so.


Kelsey Elaine Smith

No injuries were reported in connection with this event that I am aware of.