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Fleeing Suspect From Yesterday Caught This Morning; Pursuit..Drug Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputies Green and Elliot were on patrol and covering an assignment around 2:40AM when Deputy Green noticed that yesterday’s fleeing suspect, Bubba Fields, just passed them in a yellow mustang.  Deputy Green turned around on the already fleeing suspect.

The suspect had been eastbound on Albert Pike near the Bypass when spotted by Dep. Green.   As Dep. Green caught up to the Mustang, it had just made an alleged radical maneuver onto Hammond Drive.  The suspect pulled over abruptly near Cash Street, the 2 deputies swarmed him and arrested him on the spot.  GCSO Patrol Deputy Goodman and GCSO Patrol Sergeant Kellar quickly arrived to assist.

Allegedly located inside the vehicle were a pellet pistol, a large machette type of knife, a baggie containing pills and a baggie containing a white, crystalline substance.

Mr. Fields is currently on either parole or probation, his license is suspended and Arkansas State Police Corporal Cook has charges pending on him from the pursuit incident yesterday on Williams Road.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 45 minutes.

This case has been turned over to the Garland County Prosecutor’s Drug Task Force.