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“First Dashcam Police Shooting In The U.S.”? – GEORGIA

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

The text found with this video claims that this footage came from Pooler, Georgia in 1987.  It also says that this video camera was installed earlier in the same day.

I googled around a little bit and was not able to verify that this was the actual “first Dashcams shooting caught on video”.  However, a comment in this video’s thread had this comment:

Here is the story, as told to my class going through the police academy. The GSP Trooper was one of the most successful troopers making drug busts. There were several death threats against him because of this. He was the first trooper to transition to a 9mm semiautomatic. You know what happened in the video. Here is the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say. The guy that got shot got him self a lawyer and tried to sue the trooper. He told the lawyer that trooper gave him no warning and he just shot him. The lawyer thought he had a good case, so he took it. When there is a criminal case, there is a thing called disclosure. That means that the State has to turn over all of the evidence to the defense. When it is a civil case, that does not happen. The chump, I mean victim, didn’t know it was on video, so that means the lawyer did not also. In court, the judge asked what the chump, I mean victim, had and the lawyer said the trooper shot my client for no reason. Ok trooper, why did you shot this poor chump for no reason? The trooper’s lawyer replied, watch this your honor. When the video was over, the chump’s lawyer got up and walked out. Like I said, this is what we were told by the instructor that knew the Trooper.

Things were certainly handled differently back then.

It is a little violent, viewer discretion is advised.