Arkansas 911 News

Double Rollover Entrapment Injury Crash On Montgomery County Line – GARLAND COUNTY

Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Green investigated a 2 vehicle rollover injury crash on Highway 270 West at the Montgomery County Line.

Evidence at the scene suggested that 1 of the vehicle’s went left of center and sideswiped the other car.  Both vehicles came to final rest upside down and on the pavement.  The vehicles were separated by approximately 130 feet with a debris field between the 2 that resembled a parts yard.  Suspension components were observed that had been snapped in half.  A wheel was snapped in half.  Coil springs, batteries, and other large car parts (i don’t know what all they were) were strewn around the scene like a bomb went off.

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Piney Fire Troops were quick to arrive and went straight to work cutting the lady from the inverted Jeep.  She was hanging upside down with the seatbelt holding her in place.  At the same time, they assisted and evaluated the driver of the white truck.

A Southwest EMS Ambulance Crew was on scene and a LifeNet Ambulance Crew was dispatched as well.  Both drivers were transported to the hospital by Ambulance.

This spot was closed to all traffic for about 1.5 hours.