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Defenders Motorcycle Club: 2019 Annual “Toy Valley Toy Drive” Report – HOT SPRINGS


2019 Toy Valley Toy Drive Wrap-Up

On December 15, 2018, the Defenders Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (Diamond Lakes Chapter), conducted the 8th annual Toy Valley Toy Drive at the Walmart on Central Ave.

Riser Ford has been a generous sponsor each and every year, and donated over $2,000 in toys this year alone. All proceeds were donated directly to the shelters in Garland County and are delivered on the same day as the toy drive.

In addition to toys, this was the fourth year that an Angel Tree was utilized to purchase basic needs items to some of the children. Between 15 – 50 children of all ages received a combination of toys, basic needs items or personal angel tree gifts.

The receiving shelters were: The Potters Clay, Shalom Women’s and Men’s Shelters and the Cooper Anthony Center.

The Defenders LE/MC is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. We have 22 members in the Diamond Lakes Chapter and are open to law enforcement officers, EMTs, firefighters, military and “other select citizenry”. If anyone is interested in the club or wants additional information, please contact Paul Calcagno at 501-282-0438.

President- Paul Calcagno “Sandman” Vice President -T.Kerr – “Moondog” Lieutenant-at-Arms – C. Delahunt “Kuffs” Treasurer – H.Woody “Woodman” Secretary – C.Lackey “Snapshot” Major – R. Allen “Sharkey” R.Dunn “Ford” Flint Stock “Squirrel” Associates (females) Hope “Kuddles” Delahunt Cindy “Princess” Calcagno Denise “DeeDee” Allen Accepting the plaque is Riser’s Financial Director Joe Latham