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Animal Rescue: The Wards Save Abused/Neglected Puppy – GARLAND COUNTY

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

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The Wards don’t know I’m posting this story.  This is a cool move they pulled and the people of Garland County need to know what’s really happening around here.  So, here we go….

John and Dani Ward own Ward’s Crawfish Hole on Crystal Hill Road in Garland County.  They have advertised with me for about 4 years.  I scan all of my ad client’s Facebook Pages in order to see what they are advertising for the week – so I know what to share.  Ward’s Crawfish Hole keeps their FB very active; posting new pics/messages/events almost everyday they are open for business.

I began seeing posts that they were sharing this week on their FB page about a sick little puppy they found abandoned on the side of the road.  The Wards rescued the dog from being in the street and got it to their veterinarian.

The puppy has been named “King” and is doing a lot better!  The following information is from the Facebook posts they made about King’s journey.

Dani & John Ward said:

I have heard, seen pictures and stories about animals being abused thrown to the side of the road or left abandoned all alone sick hungry tears in their eyes of sadness and pain. I never dreamed I would come across this personally, myself, until tonight. We left our restaurant, I was behind John.   As I was driving down the road, I saw an animal on the side of the road.  Then, a box in the other lane.  I knew what had happened – it’s been dumped.  

We turned around and picked up the puppy. It was still in the same spot.  It didn’t move because it was so scared.  This brought tears to my eyes. This poor little puppy has been through a lot. We took it back to the restaurant, fed it, gave it water and made a bed outside for it until we could check it out better in the morning.

We didn’t want to take the puppy home with having two pups already in our home until we know it’s health problems. I am so glad I saw this little puppy; just knowing it’s safe for the night helps my sadness for this little fur baby.

King the rescued puppy

Update on the rescued puppy: He has been taken to our vet Lake Hamilton Animal Clinic this morning on Airport Rd. He’s about 5-6 months old. Don’t know the breed because of the severe loss of hair right now. He has severe mange and a couple of other health issues.

The Vet will keep him thru Monday to provide medicated baths and medicine to treat him. The Veterinary Clinic is helping us with the cost of the overnight stay, with it being a rescued pup. We have named him “King”. The cost of treatment will be expensive for King.  As of right now, the bill is already at $300 and will reach up to $700. If anyone would like to donate for King’s recovery and provide a better life than he has had, you can contact our Veterinary Clinic at 501-767-8503. His name at the clinic is King Ward (John & Danette Ward).  Any donations would be greatly appreciated. We will also have a donation box at our restaurant for King. Let’s make this little guy happy and healthy again. Thank you from our hearts, John and Dani.

Update on Rescued pup King — The vet called us this morning and informed us that King is in pain when getting his treatment baths so they are putting him on pain meds to ease his comfort during his long recovery process. King will continue to be on antibiotics.

The Vet will contact us on Monday with more updates. All donations are going 100% to this sweet innocent, little life to show King there is a better life than what he has gone through . We appreciate all donations and continued donations from our family, friends and our loyal customers to better this little puppy’s life.

King on the road to recovery

Update on Rescued pup King. — He’s getting a little better each day with his medicated baths. Has been checked for Parvo (no signs) and got his Parvo shot along with his other puppy shots. Treatment for parasites. Was concerned about his right eye either being scratched or damaged. The vet has treated his eye, doing much better there.

He will continue to be on pain meds while being treated for his severe contagious mange. We got to visit with King today. When we first found him there was so much sadness and tears in his eyes, but today you can see happier hopeful eyes.

King still has a ways to go due to the mange and the vet will continue working on getting him to be a healthier pup.  With your continued donations to the Lake Hamilton Animal Hospital 501-767-8503 this puppy will continue to receive the care he deserves and a better life. Thank you from our hearts for your continuous kindness and help for King.  John and Dani.