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Alleged: Woman All Wound Up, Eyes Roll Into The Back Of Her Head..Wants To Argue With Deputy; Felony Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chef Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Blunkall reports that she was dispatched to check suspicious activity at the Harp’s Grocery Store Parking Lot on Thornton Ferry Road June 29, 2021, around 7PM.  The complainant said that a person was shooting up dope inside a silver car on the lot.

Dep. Blunkall arrived and located a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle.  An older male was standing next to the parked vehicle.  She explained why she was there and asked if she could speak with him.  He complied, but seemed very anxious, was unable to keep still, spoke in rapid sentences and repeated himself several times.  The man said that he was waiting on his wife to finish using the restroom.  She asked him to call his wife on the phone so she could speak to her.  He made the call.

The man’s wife, Karen Ann Yarbrough, 44, of Iowa Street in Hot Springs, exited the store upset and made her way to the deputy.  Dep. Blunkall advised Mrs. Yarbrough the reason for the call and why she was in the parking lot.  Mrs. Yarbrough immediately became aggressive and argumentative.  Her eyes rolled into the back of her head several times while she was speaking, her pupils were completely constricted, she had a hard time completing sentences and her speech was incomprehensible.  She kept yelling that she was not high.  She was asked several times to calm down, but became irate and her spittle landed on the deputy’s face.

Karen Ann Yarbrough, 44, of Iowa Street in Hot Springs – Allegedly acting up in the parking lot.

Dep. Blunkall went to handcuff Mrs. Yarbrough, but she resisted that effort.  Dep. Blunkall did some deputy stuff and was ultimately able to handcuff Mrs. Yarbrough.

Mrs. Yarbrough was arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.  She is charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest with bond sett at $2,500.