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Alleged: Suspicious Acting Probationer With Dope & Dope Gear; Felony Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Presley reports that she and Sergeant Kellar were at the Valero gas station in the 2600 block of Albert Pike Road on October 1, 2021, around 2AM, when they noticed a black car parked at the gas pumps.  The people in the car began trading seating positions, avoiding eye contact and acting nervous.  One of the occupants pulled a hoodie over their head.  The out side temperature was 70º and muggy.

Dep. Presley walked over and made contact with the driver.  The driver said that they were getting gas and going home.

1 of the passengers, Brennan Lorraine Leon, 38, of Cassidy Way in Garland County, said that she wasn’t feeling well.  A LifeNet Ambulance Crew was called to the scene.

Probationer Brennan Lorraine Leon, 38, of Cassidy Way in Garland County – Allegedly began to feel ill when the deputies started quizzing her.

Lieutenant Roberson arrived and relieved Sgt. Kellar so that he could move on to handle another law enforcement call.

Ms. Leon told the deputies that she was on probation with a search waiver on file.  The deputies confirmed that information.  Dep. Presley asked if there was anything in the vehicle that she needed to know about.  Ms. Leon said that there was a “Mario Brothers” box in the back seat containing “needles and a scale”.  Dep. Presley went into the car and found 4 empty syringes, 3 syringes containing a liquid substance (meth), 2 torches and a scale.

Before Ms. Leon was turned over to Medics, Dep. Presley conducted a pat-down search for weapons.  During the search, Dep. Presley located a smoking pipe with a white powder substance in her jacket pocket.

Probationer Leon said that she wanted to go to the hospital and get checked.  She was transported by ambulance to the hospital.  Upon her release, Dep. Stacks arrived at the hospital and arrested the probationer.

Probationer Leon was transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.  She is charged with Felony Possession Of Meth and Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia with bond set at $4,500.