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Alleged: Stolen iMac Computer Sends Signals..Deputies Pounce; Felony Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Guzman reports that officers with his department responded to Bower Street in reference to a burglary.

Officers arrived and met with the victim.  He said that an unknown person(s) had entered through a back window and left with his 27″ Apple iMac Computer (valued at $2,500) and a “G” TB external hard drive (valued at $70).

A report was taken and officers departed the residence.

The victim called back on March 29, 2021 and said that his stolen computer had been activated and sent a “ping” signal.  The signal came from an address on Highway 7 South in Garland County.  The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol was notified about this.  They sent deputies to investigate.

GCSO Corporal Lane and Deputy Helms went to the address and made contact with the residents.  The deputies saw a computer that fit the description of the stolen one, checked it and confirmed that this was the Bower Street Victim’s computer.

Mark Christian Huseby, 55, of Highway 7 South in Garland County, said that he received the computer and hard drive for repair from a person and gave that person’s name.

Mark Christian Huseby, 55, of Highway 7 South in Garland County – Allegedly had possession of stolen computer gear that was taken in a burglary.

HSPD Detective Shoemaker went to meet with the deputies and take charge of the stolen property.

The property was returned to the owner.  However, he says that the hard drive has been damaged and the computer is now signed in under a different name (the same name that Mr. Huseby gave up when quizzed about the situation) and when powered on, a message pops up that says that the computer is stolen and to call police.

An arrest warrant was obtained for Mr. Huseby and entered into the police computer.

On April 5, 2021, around 9AM, Off. Guzman was sent to the jail to serve the warrant on Mr. Huseby.  Why he was already at the jail is unclear in the report.  Mr. Huseby was served with the warrant and is charged with Felony Theft By Receiving with bond set at $2,500.