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Alleged: Long Time Problem Parolee Flees..Again..Hits Deputy In The Face; Felony Arrest x2 – HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

[[ Parolee Nathan Holmes, co-starring in this episode, was last covered by Arkansas 911 News 14 months ago when he was chased out of a house by the Hot Springs Police SWAT Team and arrested 2 blocks over.  CLICK HERE for that story. ]]

[[ This story stems from a DTF case that agents were working at the time this story took place.  CLICK HERE for the full story on this event. ]]

Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Grubbs reports that he conducted a traffic stop in Hot Springs Village on Destoto Boulevard on May 10, 2021, around noon, on a 2006 gold Chrysler Pacifica.  GCSO Captain Ware assisted him with this traffic stop.

The deputies made contact with the driver, Mandy Rose Cavanaugh, 33 of Arias Way in Hot Springs Village.  Ms. Cavanaugh was on parole at the time and the target of Drug Task Force surveillance that was taking place at that minute.  In the vehicle with Parolee Cavanaugh was wanted Absconding Parolee Nathan David Holmes, 34, of Alpine Street in Hot Springs.  Dep. Grubbs knew Parolee Holmes on sight, knew he was wanted and ordered him out of the car and to lay down on the ground.

Parolee Mandy Rose Cavanaugh, 33 of Arias Way in Hot Springs Village – Alleged dope dealer.

Absconding Parolee Nathan David Holmes, 34, of Alpine Street in Hot Springs – Alleged dope dealer also charged with Battery on law enforcement officer and Fleeing.

Parolee Holmes exited the car and walked to the back of the Chrysler, but he refused to get on the ground.  Parolee Holmes took off running at a full sprint and went up into the woods.  Dep. Grubbs went after Parolee Holmes on foot.  Capt. Ware arrested Parolee Cavanaugh.

Dep. Grubbs got about 50 yards into the woods before he tackled the fleeing parolee and the fight was on.  During the parolee’s fit, he elbowed the deputy in the face causing injury and knocking off the deputy’s $482 prescription glasses.  A DTF Investigator ran up in the woods and assisted Dep. Grubbs.  Parolee Holmes was arrested.  The glasses were not found.

Parolee Holmes complained about shortness of breath and tightness in his chest after fighting the deputies. He said that he also ingested meth and injected meth prior to the the takedown.  LifeNet was advised.  They dispatched an Ambulance Crew to the scene.

During the Course of this event, it was determined that Parolee Holmes had an active arrest warrant for Delivery Of A Controlled Substance.

Parolee Holmes was transported to the hospital by ambulance.  He was soon released and transported by deputies to the Garland County Sheriff’s Department for processing.  Parole holds were placed on both parolees.  CLICK HERE to see all the heavy dope dealer charges that are leveled against them.