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Alleged: Employee Steals Boss’s Truck & Trailer And Bugs Out Early; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Detective Jessup reports that a victim contacted HSPD Officers in September 2017 to report the theft of his truck and trailer by a known suspect.

The victim said that his employee, Zachary Taylor Barnettt, 27, of Commons Scenicview Drive in Huffman, Texas, came to pick up the 2005 Ford F-150 truck ($4,500) and 2013 Performance 12′ trailer ($2,000) to do some lawn maintenance.

Zachary Taylor Barnettt, 27, of Commons Scenicview Drive in Huffman, Texas – Allegedly stole the boss’s truck and trailer.

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The victim went to check on the lawns that Mr. Barnett was supposed to have taken care of and discovered that he had not been to most of them.  He called Mr. Barnett and said to meet him, but he never showed up.  The victim then went to Mr. Barnett’s residence (a camper that was set up at a mobile home park) and found that the camper was no longer there.  The victim spoke with the trailer park manager and learned that Mr. Barnett had been there several times during the day with the truck and trailer, but the last time he showed up, he only had the truck.  When he left the property for the last time, he was pulling his camper with the stolen truck.

The victim went back home and called Mr. Barnett several times.  Mr. Barnett did not respond to calls or texts.

Officers took the report and entered the stolen information into the police computer.

Little Rock Police recovered the stolen trailer the next month in their city.  It was attached to a green Chevrolet Blazer owned by Mr. Barnett’s grandmother.  An adult male was arrested during this LRPD encounter and was charged with Theft By Receiving for being in possession of the trailer.

Det. Jessup obtained an arrest warrant for Mr. Barnett and entered it into the police computer.

Officer First Class Gates made contact with Mr. Barnett at the Garland County Detention Center on July 23, 2021.  He served the warrant on Mr. Barnett.  Mr. Barnett is charged with Felony Theft Of Property with bond set at $2,500.  A second arrest warrant charging Failure To Appear was also served with another $2,500 bond attached.