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Alleged: 6AM Police Jackpot..Stolen Vehicle, Wanted Person, Meth AND A Parolee; Felony Arrest x2 – HOT SPRINGS

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Stockwell reports that he was on patrol in the area of Valley Street August 3, 2021, around 6AM, when he found a white, 2004, Mercury Marquis with a damaged headlight.  Off. Stockwell recognized this description of a vehicle on the stolen vehicle hot sheet.

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Off. Stockwell made contact with the 2 people that were with the car and detained them for investigation.  He checked the vehicle’s pertinents through the police computer and verified that the Marquis was stolen.

After reading both people their Miranda Rights, the female, Sharliene Ann Fletcher, 51, of Pinewood Street in Hot Springs, admitted to riding in the vehicle as a passenger.  Her pertinents were checked through the police computer.  The check revealed that she had a valid Failure To Appear arrest warrant on file.  She was arrested and searched.  Officers found approximately 2.3 grams of meth and a hypodermic needle in her purse.  She said that she was unaware that the vehicle had been reported stolen.

Sharliene Ann Fletcher, 51, of Pinewood Street in Hot Springs – Allegedly found to be in possession of meth and in the company of a parolee with a stolen car.

The other person with the Marquis was identified as Parolee Fredrick Demont Hayes, 41, of Hickory Street in Hot Springs.  He told police that he was driving the vehicle.  He said that he borrowed it from a friend a few days ago, but when he went to return it, the friend was gone.  He did not want to abandon the vehicle.  So, he kept it.  He did not know the name of the person that let him borrow the car.  Parolee Hayes was arrested.  The car is valued at $1,300.

Parolee Fredrick Demont Hayes, 41, of Hickory Street in Hot Springs – Allegedly in possession of a stolen car while on parole.

Both suspects were transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.

Ms. Fletcher is charged with Felony Possession Of Meth and Felony Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia with bond set at $7,000.  The Failure To Appear arrest warrant was also served.

Parolee Hayes is charged with Felony Theft Of Property with bond set at $2,500.