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Alleged: $3,500 Louis Vuitton Bag Stolen..Recovered At WalMart; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Russell reports that he was dispatched to Walmart Neighborhood Market on Malvern Avenue October 24, 2021, around 3PM, for the complaint of theft.

Off. Russell arrived and made contact with the victim.  The victim told Off. Russell that he had located the $3,500 Louis Vuitton bag that he had reported stolen the previous month.  He said that he made a post on Facebook announcing that the bag had been stolen and for anyone with information to please call him.

A Walmart Employee had seen the post, recognized the bag and called the victim.  The victim identified the bag as his and notified police.

Walmart Loss Prevention Staff said that the woman, later identified as Sara Faye Holt, 31, of Morrison Avenue in Hot Springs, placed the bag in the Customer Service area and then went shopping throughout the store.

Sara Faye Holt, 31, of Morrison Avenue in Hot Springs – Allegedly in possession of a stolen $3,500 designer bag.

Officers found Ms. Holt and made contact with her.  She said that she placed the bag at the Customer Service area before beginning to shop.  She told police that she purchased the bag for $20 about a week ago.  Ms. Holt was detained and Mirandized.

The victim recited the serial number of the bag to the officer – from memory.   Off. Russell went and retrieved the bag.  He checked the serial number.  The number on the bag did not match. Off. Russell told Ms. Holt that he could not confirm that the bag was the victim’s bag.

Ms. Holt told the officer that she doesn’t believe it was a coincidence that someone identified the bag as the victim’s.  She said that she believed the bag belongs to the victim and for the officer to return it to the victim.  She asked Off. Russell to take her belongings from the bag and put them into Walmart sacks prior to returning the bag to the victim.  He explained that he would transfer her items as she asked and if the victim could not otherwise identify the bag, she would be released.

As Off. Russell was cleaning Ms. Holt’s belongings from the bag, he found a business card belonging to the victim.  The victim advised that a grey paint splatter and a specific rip could be found on his bag.  Off. Russell found the paint and the rip just as the victim described.

Ms. Holt was arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.  She is charged with Felony Theft By Receiving with bond set at $2,500