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Advertorial: Hwy. 5/Hwy. 7N Shell Superstop Relocates To Belvedere Stretch – GARLAND COUNTY

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

The Arkansas Department of Transportation has planned to create a roundabout intersection at the junction of Arkansas Highways 5 and 7 in the Fountain Lake Community.  These plans created a situation where the long standing Shell Superstop is to be closed in order to complete the highway construction project.

Earlier this month, the Shell Superstop changed it’s name to “Fivestar Stop” and moved a couple of miles South down Highway 7 to 2518 Park Avenue, which is next to the Belvedere Property inside the city limits of Hot Springs.  The new location is open now and running full speed.  PLUS, this new location sports the only drive-thru convenience store window in Garland County where customers can purchase anything the store has to offer (except alcohol).

“Fivestar Stop” 2518 Park Avenue in Hot Springs..Phone 501 623 0064 is open 5AM – 10PM daily (7AM – 10PM on Sundays)

Fivestar Stop offers all the snacks, cold drinks and other items typically found in most convenience stores PLUS hot, ready to go slices of Hunt Brothers Pizza and Wings, Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken, fried catfish fillets, potato logs, burritos, crispitos and more.  They also serve breakfast daily which includes biscuits & gravy, egg/cheese/sausage/bacon biscuits and breakfast pizza.  The Fivestar Stop’s phone number remains the same, 501 623 0064.  So, there is no problem at all calling in your pizza order – it’s just the same as always!

Fivestar Stop maintains a full supply of fountain drinks with several flavored syrup options such as vanilla, cherry and lime to add some life to your average, self serve, poured soda.  You can also find a generous selection of self serve hot coffee and coffee flavors to start the day off right and keep your night going.  Slushy ice refreshment machines round out the self serve drink choices and really hit the spot on these HOT summer days and nights.

Cold drinks typically stocked in the Fivestar Stop coolers include Pepsi Products, Coca-Cola Products, other popular soda brands, energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice, kids drinks, milk, flavored milk, water, flavored water, domestic beer, imported beer and more.

Fivestar Stop offers the lowest beer prices in the state and is the only drive-thru convenience store in Garland County; which comes in very handy when you don’t want to get out of your air conditioned car!

Fivestar Stop has the only convenience store with a drive-thru option in Garland County for anything in the store!  (except for alcohol)

And, of course, you can fill your gas tank with the various octane level Shell Gasoline options, as well as, 2 diesel pumps that will keep everybody moving on down the road.

To round out your visit, make sure to swap or buy a bottle of Amerigas Propane and grab plenty of bags of Ice!