Arkansas 911 News

Sheriff’s Pursuit, Traffic Crash; Fatal Incident – GARLAND COUNTY

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

NOK has not been notified as far as I am aware.

Details are still sketchy, nothing has been confirmed by officials and this is a fresh, ongoing investigation.

From what I was able to gather independently, my understanding of the events leading up to the death of an adult male last night are as follows:

Garland County Sheriff’s 911 Dispatchers sent Sergeant Kellar and his deputies to an address on Appalachian Way for a domestic disturbance involving an adult female at home with children and an adult male that had arrived at the home.  The lady feared that the man was an immediate threat and ordered deputies to the scene.

The deputies got en route and warned each other that they had recently (like, several hours prior in the day) dealt with this male suspect whom was known to at least 1 of the deputies.  1 of the advisements passed around was that he has been known to be armed with a gun.  The deputies stepped it up.

GCSO 911 Dispatchers, still on the phone with the victim, advised the patrol that the suspect had just breached the house and was inside the residence.  Deputies stepped it up even more (if that is even possible – they were already in emergency mode and pointed in that direction).  At this point, Arkansas State Police Sergeant Joe and his 5 Troopers got themselves en route as well.

As the deputies began to arrive, Patrol Sgt. Kellar spotted the suspect’s vehicle departing the scene with great haste.  He told Deputy Green to go after the suspect vehicle and Sgt. Kellar continued to the house to check the welfare of the victims at that location.  Deputy Green turned on the suspect and the pursuit began.  The suspect allegedly tried to duck and dodge through the neighborhood streets…witnesses stated that the lights on the suspect vehicle all went off at the same time as that vehicle fled.

To my knowledge, the victims at the house were scared, but ok.

The suspect led Deputy Green down Joy Drive to Joy Terrace which is a dead end street.  When the suspect vehicle reached the end of the pavement, that vehicle crashed head on into a tree.  There may have been another action inside the suspect vehicle that I mentioned in earlier reports, but have since edited due to my information being (as it turns out at the moment) way too sketchy.  I don’t know how that situation went “from being” to “maybe not being”, but whatever the answer to that aspect of the story is, we will just have to wait and see.

Other deputies and the troopers arrived within 1 minute of the crash.  LifeNet was summoned immediately.

The Garland County Duty Coroner was ordered to the scene to conduct his investigation, pronounce the suspect dead and take charge of the deceased.

The vehicle was towed from the scene.