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Wanted Woman Allegedly Passes Fake $100 Bill..Steals Pizza; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police were dispatched to a pizza restaurant for the complaint of fake money being passed, food being stolen during a delivery and just an altogether con job allegedly being perpetrated on the business by a known woman back in 2018.

Amber Dawn Davis, 39, of Thornton Ferry Rd, Hot Springs allegedly stole $61.35 worth of food.

The delivery driver assigned to deliver this meal alleges that he delivered $61.35 worth of food to a woman at a gas station on Park Avenue on February 23, 2018 at 6PM.  He says that the woman handed him a fake $100 bill as payment for the food.  The delivery driver says he gave it back to her and refused to accept it.  The report says that she responded by saying that she apologized and said that she must have gotten the fake bill as change during an earlier transaction somewhere.

She is alleged to have then told the driver that her name is “Amber Davis”, she “orders all the time” and that she is a friend of the restaurant bartender (by name).  She allegedly then said that she would use her credit card, used her own cell phone and called the restaurant.  She talked with the employee on the phone, gave credit card information and the employee went to run the card through the payment system.  While on the phone waiting for the payment process, the delivery driver alleges that the customer suddenly hung up the phone and drove off with the food in a white Ford Taurus.  The credit card information was then declined by the payment system.  The delivery driver returned to the restaurant and told the manager what happened.

The manager was able to take the name given to the driver, bounce it off of Facebook and confirm amongst themselves that the alleged food thief is Amber Dawn Davis, 39, of Thornton Ferry Road in Garland County.

Hot Springs Police took the theft report, swore out an arrest warrant and entered it into the police computer for future reference for the next time she came into contact with police.

On May 17, 2019, HSPD arrested Ms. Davis at Walmart on Albert Pike Road for unrelated charges and arrested her on this outstanding warrant.  Ms. Davis was served several warrants at the time of her arrest at Walmart.   She is charged with Theft Of Property with a bond amount of $1,000 from this episode and several other unrelated charges.