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WANTED: Convicted Sex Offender Parolee Daniel Kemp – GARLAND COUNTY

Photo Credit: Sylvia Kerschl Tedford

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.


Arkansas Community Correction/Special Response Team Agent Emerson became aware that Level 3 Convicted Sex Offender Daniel Kemp was walking with a female on Albert Pike Road in the area of Music Mountain Road yesterday afternoon.

Level 3 Sex Offender Daniel Kemp – on parole and on the run

Level 3 Sex Offender Daniel Kemp – on parole and on the run

Level 3 Sex Offender Daniel Kemp – on parole and on the run

He headed that way and advised the Garland County Dispatch that he would need back-up on his current mission.  Several Garland County Sheriff’s Deputies, Arkansas State Troopers, other ACC Officers, Arkansas Game & Fish Officers and Hot Springs Police Officers responded to the area.

After a short search of the area, the female and a backpack that Parolee Kemp was allegedly in possession of was located at the end of Ledgerock Road.  The female was handcuffed and detained at the scene.  Her disposition is not known to me.

A report came from across the lake that a person fitting the description of Parolee Kemp was on foot in the area of Fairwood Subdivision.  Another report quickly came in that alleged Parolee Kemp had broken into a residence in the area of Sequoia Loop and took a firearm.  From this point, Parolee Kemp was considered “armed and dangerous”.

Parolee Kemp was spotted by law enforcement in the woods on Macon Terrace and another call or 2 came in saying he was in the lake again.  He was reportedly barefooted and shirtless by this time.  He ran back into the woods and the K-9 teams were deployed.

A felony stop was conducted on a vehicle suspected of containing the parolee.  The vehicle did not contain the fleeing felon.

Parolee Kemp scampering through yards during the manhunt.

After approximately 2 hours of searching with no capture, the operation was called off.

Warrant(s) for the absconding parolee will be sworn out and the Parole Warrant for Kemp is still currently outstanding.

Arkansas Community Correction Bosses have authorized a reward of $100 for information that leads to the arrest of Parolee Kemp.  If you have information that could help to locate Parolee Kemp, please call ACC/SRT Agent Emerson at 501 520 9208 or 911 depending on the circumstances.

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