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Violent, Uncoordinated Parolee Kidnapper Busted By ACC/SRT – GARLAND COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Arkansas Community Corrections/Special Response Team Agent Brandon Emerson and his associates developed information that put the Charlie’s Pizza Pub Parking Lot Attempted Aggravated Robbery, Carjacking, Kidnapping Parolee Buford Clark, 31 of North Thompson Street in Springdale at a location in Sherwood.

Last night, members of the ACC/SRT, Garland County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division, Little Rock Police Department’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team, Arkansas State Police, and Sherwood Police Department went and arrested Parolee Clark at a place in Sherwood.

Buford was wanted in connection to a short string of violent crimes that took place within minutes of each other on Highway 7 North a couple of days ago just outside the front gate of the Hot Springs Village.

Parolee Buford was reportedly out of control and very disorderly during the long trip from Sherwood to the Garland County Detention Center in the ACC/SRT vehicle.

Parolee Buford charges are listed as Failure To Appear and Parole Hold.  These charges will keep the wayward parolee in custody until prosecutors have a good, long chance to review the case.

Parolee Buford Clark – his parole vacation cancelled by ACC/SRT