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Violent Person Threatens To Kill Cops On Christmas Day; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Kenneth Moody (AKA Veronica Moody) is well known to law enforcement and is a frequent flier among the police radio airwaves.  This time, she went a bridge too far, allegedly.

Witnesses state that on 12/20/2017, Kenneth, or Veronica Moody, put a loaded .45 caliber gun to the head of a person.  As Mr. Moody was attempting to cock the hammer on the gun, the victim took the gun.  At this point, according to witnesses, Mr. Moody grabbed a second gun, pointed it at the same person and pulled the trigger.  The gun did not fire.  This same victim also took the second gun from Mr. Moody.

Kenneth (AKA VERONICA) Moody, 26 of Hot Springs – allegedly violent..allegedly threatened to kill cops and other professionals in town

The report states that according to witnesses, Mr. Moody has been making threats during the past few weeks to obtain a handgun and kill law enforcement officers on Christmas Day.  Mr. Moody also allegedly made threats to kill people at a specific, local clinic.

The cop killing threat was corroborated by an incident that occurred on 12/2/2017 where Mr. Moody called 911 and stated that he wanted to commit suicide by cop.  Officers that responded to that incident reported that upon contact, Mr. Moody stated to the officers “if I had a gun, I would have shot you”.

Mr. Moody was arrested and charged with Felony Terroristic Threatening, Felony Aggravated Assault and given a bond totaling $5,000.00.