Arkansas 911 News

VIDEO (Viewer Discretion Advised): 2 Women Jump Off Hwy. 7 South Bridge – GARLAND COUNTY

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Video shared from Facebook…scroll down for video.

In the video, the person says that he was arriving back to work, possibly from a lunch break or something, and noticed what was about to happen.

This event took place approximately 2:00PM today.  Garland County 911 Dispatch was alerted to this event, but did not have much information to go on.

I have no other information about this event.  Injury unknown.  Reason for jumping is not known to me.

This is the same area where a distraught woman jumped into icy Lake Hamilton a few months ago.  Arkansas State Police Corporal Cook stripped down to his ASP Issued Skivvies, jumped in the lake and saved the woman that night.  Go to that scene CLICK HERE.