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VIDEO: Popular Hot Springs Icon Ohio Club’s Al Capone Life Size Figure Stolen, Vandalized; Arrest – Hot Springs

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Video by Katelyn Reagan Denty

Scroll down for video.

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police responded Downtown to the Ohio Club on Central Avenue early this morning in reference to an alleged intoxicated man taking and damaging the club’s life size Al Capone statue that sits on the sidewalk bench and greets patrons as they arrive at Arkansas’s Oldest Bar.

The police report has not been released yet, but the following information is known and (thanks to Katelyn Reagan Denty) we have video of the abduction/damage to the figure.

Shortly after midnight, a man can be seen in the video lifting and moving the Al Capone statue.  A person eventually helps the man and the 2 abscond with the likeness of the wise guy.  In the video, the dynamic duo trot northbound up the sidewalk carrying the mob boss until they either fall or drop Public Enemy #1.

Ohio Club Owner Mike Petty can be seen running after the thieves.  Shortly after the video ends, Mr. Petty returned Scarface to his bench as HSPD Officers swarmed the 2 suspects on Fountain Street in front of the Arlington Hotel.

I spoke with Mr. Petty in front of the Ohio Club as this event wrapped up.  He said that Al suffered significant damage to his fedora hat, various scratches, gouges of varying severity and a serious crack all along the length of the fiberglass, decorative, art piece.  He loosely estimated the damage to the figure somewhere in the $2,000 range.  He wants everybody to know that Al will definitely be fixed.  He said that roughly 3,000 people per day stop for photos with Big Al.

Mason Junior Potter, 24, of parts unknown, was arrested in connection to this episode and charged with Criminal Mischief and Public Intoxication.  No bond is available at this time.