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VIDEO: “Boo-With-A-Badge” 911 Heroes’ Halloween Party – HOT SPRINGS

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HOT SPRINGS: “Boo-With-A-Badge”

Hot Springs Area 911 Heroes went nuts last night throwing the biggest, baddest Halloween Party inside the city limits!


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If you missed it, the best thing you can do at this point is watch this video and start getting ready for next year.

Every 911 agency that participated should be commended for the effort. This party looked like something you would pay to attend on the Sunset Strip.

They were not passing out cheap, bootleg candy, either. It was all the good stuff you want. GCSO Chief Deputy Lawrence made me eat a piece of candy – that thing tasted like it came from “Michel Cluizel’s Box of Assorted Treats” or something!

But, the gem in THIS crown was the Hot Springs Fire Department’s Haunted House. Those guys and gals went all out on this event. They made people scream and then laugh about it – it was great.  They even let me go through there with a Facebook live feed!  You can go through the haunted house by watching the video below.