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VIDEO: Boat Fire Last Week On Lake Hamilton – GARLAND COUNTY

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SCROLL DOWN for video by Tammy Rhodes..Pics by Guardian Divers

Lake Hamilton Fire Troops were called to the Lake Hamilton Causeway on Central Avenue in reference to a boat adrift in the Kahuna Bay.  The boat was on fire and fully involved.

People on the boat abandoned ship and safely swam to shore.

The boat eventually sank.

Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery was tasked with recovering the burned out wreckage from the bottom of the lake.  They did so by using their heavy wrecker from a seawall near the area where the boat went under.

Garland County Environmental Troops arrived quickly and monitored the automotive fluid spill that occurred from the boat due to it sinking.  They and LHFD were able to clean-up what was spilled into the lake.