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VIDEO: “BADGES” Mountain Pine Fire Department – MOUNTAIN PINE

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Arkansas 911 News “BADGES” is a video series that showcases the different 911 Agencies and the Heroes that respond to emergency situations in Garland County.

HOT SPRINGS ANIMAL SERVICES Episodes are sponsored by Shelly McDonald.  She is a Realtor with 1st Choice Realty in Hot Springs.  She has teamed up with Arkansas 911 News and Hot Springs Animal Services Director Dan Bugg and his Staff to display all the animals currently up for adoption at the HS Animal Services Facility.  She loves putting good families into good homes and also loves putting good pets with good pet owners.

LAW ENFORCEMENT Episodes are sponsored by Scott’s Auto Body.  You crash it, Scott’s can fix it.  Now, 2 locations in Hot Springs to better serve their customers.  Scott’s Auto Body #1 is located at the intersection of Albert Pike Road and Crystal Hill Road and Scott’s Auto Body #2 is located on Cones Road at the Malvern Avenue Intersection.  From a flaw in your vehicle’s paint to full restoration from the frame up, “Scott’s can fix that!”.

FIRE & RESCUE Episodes are sponsored by Window Mart.  Window Mart is very interested in helping the Heroes to look good.  They fully support Troops in the U.S. Military and all First Responder Heroes in Garland County.  Window Mart is also a sponsor of the monthly Arkansas 911 News Awards Dinner where the Heroes REALLY get recognized.

This BADGES Episode features the Mountain Pine Fire Department and is sponsored by Window Mart.