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Vehicle Vs. Pedestrian Domestic Battery Case..”I’m Glad I Got His Ass”; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty.

Hot Springs Police Officer First Class West and HSPD Officer Sampson were dispatched to a residence on Illinois Street last week in reference to a disturbance.  While police were en route, the disturbance moved from the house out into the street.

The 2 belligerents were reportedly on Tennessee Street with Timothy Odell Joyce, 42 of Illinois Street in Hot Springs running eastbound on foot and the caller to 911, Vanessa Ann Matlock, 39 of Illinois Street in Hot Springs on the phone in her white SUV allegedly chasing Mr. Joyce and telling HSPD Dispatchers that “If I could catch up to him, I will run him over”.

Timothy Odell Joyce, 42 of Illinois Street in Hot Springs – arrested on a domestic battery charge.

Vanessa Ann Matlock, 39 of Illinois Street in Hot Springs – arrested on a felony domestic battery charge

OFC West made contact with Mr. Joyce.  According to the police report, Mr. Joyce had abrasions on his elbow and knees, his pants and shirt were torn and had dirt all over them.  He reportedly told police that he was at his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Matlock’s house when she became agitated for an unknown reason which led to a verbal altercation.  He alleges that Ms. Matlock began punching him in the face and pulling on his shirt, causing the shirt to rip.  He said that they both fell to the ground and he pressed the palm of his hand against her face in an effort to get her off of him.  A juvenile entered the room prompting the 2 to break up the fight.

Mr. Joyce says that he exited the residence at this point, went out to the porch where Ms. Matlock followed and pushed him off the porch, knocking him to the ground.  And that, according to the police report, is his side of the story.

While OFC West was talking with Mr. Joyce, Off. Sampson got Ms. Matlock’s side of the story.  She alleges that she and her children were at home when she heard a knock, opened the door and Mr. Joyce forced his way into the home.  She advised that Mr. Joyce was banned from this residence on 12/20/2018.  Ms. Matlock said that she said “no”, Mr. Joyce began pacing back and forth, then punched her 6 -8 times in the head with a closed fist.

One of the children went into the yard to call 911.  Mr. Joyce tried to get everyone back in the house.  As he was walking back up the porch, she pushed him off the porch, got herself and the children back inside and she locked the doors.  She said that she saw Mr. Joyce running up Illinois Street and advised that she did not want him to get away before police arrived.  She says that she and the 2 children got in the white SUV and chased Mr. Joyce.  She said that she did not run over Mr. Joyce with the SUV.

Both belligerents were arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center.  While en route to the jail, Ms. Matlock allegedly admitted to running over Mr. Joyce.  She allegedly said that “I was angry and I let him get the best of me”.  After arriving at the jail, she allegedly also stated “I’m glad I got his ass”.

Injuries officers observed to Ms. Matlock included redness on the back of her head & behind her ear, redness on her cheek and a black eye with the eyeball red as if a blood vessel may have broken.

Ms. Matlock is charged with Felony Domestic Battery with no bond set.

Mr. Joyce is charged with Domestic Battery with no bond set.