Arkansas 911 News

Vehicle Pursuit: Car Goes Airborne, Speeds of 90 Mph, Taken Out Of Motel At Gunpoint; Felony Arrests – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Corporal Rostan was patrolling in the area of Grand Avenue near Malvern Avenue when he checked the license plate of a bluish colored Mercury Marquis through the police computer.  The license plate being displayed allegedly came back to a red Dodge Caravan.  The blue lights came on.

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The suspect vehicle pulled into the Cash Savers P-lot, allegedly sped through the p-lot squealing it’s tires as it went.  The vehicle continued this out onto the highway where it then allegedly proceeded to run the red light at the Malvern/Grand Avenue Intersection where it turned West on Grand.  As it made the turn, a door on the vehicle flew open and a lot of laundry and things went all out into the highway.  The vehicle continued to flee.

The suspect vehicle led HSPD on a lengthy chase that wound it’s way from the Malvern/Grand Intersection to Jefferson Street, Crazy Dan’s P-lot, went the wrong way on Grand Avenue, circled behind Walgreen’s going down Jefferson Street again, Pleasant Street, Grove Street, Shiloh Street, and back out onto Grand Avenue where the police report states that the suspect vehicle was observed traveling in excess of 90 Mph in a 35 Mph zone.

Blake Daniel Johnson, 27 of Cooper Street in Hot Springs – arrested following alleged amateur stunt driver moves while fleeing from police.

The suspect vehicle then turned onto Spring Street where an action packed civilian is reported to have thrown a long, white board at the suspect vehicle’s windshield.  The board broke upon impacting the windshield.  The suspect vehicle crossed Grand Avenue and went up Spring Street towards Central Avenue.  The suspect vehicle continued up Reserve Street, Court Street, Exchange Street, Prospect Avenue, Crown Street, Chapel Street, Central Avenue, Market Street, Broadway Terrace, crossed Orange Street and shot down a walking trail adjacent to the Greenway, traveled through that secluded trail area for approximately 150 yards (scraping trees and chain-link fencing the entire way…also running over a large concrete utilities access cover and losing pieces of the getaway car in the process), popped out onto Jefferson Street, Grand Avenue and then onto Valley Street.  Cpl. Rostan had to stop before he began raking the police SUV against trees, fences and crashing into the huge, concrete utilities access hole.

But that’s ok because HSPD Officer Cox was set up on Grand waiting for the parade to arrive.  He observed the vehicle come off of Jefferson Street, cross Grand Avenue and shoot up Valley Street.  Off. Cox chased the suspect vehicle up Valley Street, East Maurice Street and went through the East Maurice Street/Malvern Avenue Intersection so fast that it jumped Malvern Avenue Airborne.  Then, fled down Crescent Street.  Off. Cox had to stop at the red light like a sane person and terminated the pursuit.  But he radioed out to all of his perked up associates (including the Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol and The Arkansas State Troopers that were on the way to assist) as to the whereabouts of the suspect.

Kathren Lynn Anderson, 27 of Central Avenue in Hot Springs – charged with Felony Fleeing.

The vehicle was located a short time later backed into a parking spot at a motel on the corner of Grand Avenue/Spring Street.  Police of all color and stripe quickly arrived and put that place in shakedown mode.  Officers surrounded the suspect vehicle and fanned out around the property.  After a couple of minutes, they began to focus on 1 upstairs room that had been rented to Kathren Lynn Anderson, 27 of Central Avenue in Hot Springs.  Officers were able to confirm that the fleeing suspect was in her room, #217.  They tapped on the door and politely asked the people in there to come out or the K-9 police dog is coming in (or words to that effect).

After a few minutes, the people in the room came out 1 at a time with their hands in the air, they got on their knees and went the whole route.  3 people were handcuffed, the room was cleared and the investigation began.

Ms. Anderson allegedly told officers that the driver, Blake Daniel Johnson, 27 of Cooper Street in Hot Springs, fled because he did not have a driver’s license.

Mr. Johnson is charged with Felony Fleeing with a bond of $2,500.

Ms. Anderson is charged with Felony Fleeing with a bond of $2,500.

The 3rd person in room 217 was not arrested to the best of my knowledge.

There was no mention in the police report of trouble for the roadside wood chunker.