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Vehicle B&E Investigation..Meth, Weed, ‘Shrooms Bust – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

(From the Arkansas 911 News Fayetteville Office)

An officer investigating reports of drug activity and breakings and enterings at and in the area of the Red Carpet Inn, 1841 East Grand Avenue, observed a white Crown Victoria pull into the Inn’s parking lot at a high rate of speed and come to a stop at the rear of the Inn. The driver exited the vehicle and entered a room.

About half an hour later, a gray Chevy Malibu pulled into the lot and parked near the Crown Victoria. The driver, later identified as Roman Dulaney (32), was observed to enter the Crown Victoria and appear to be searching it. Concerned that Dulaney had entered the vehicle illegally and taken something from it, the officer followed him when he drove the Malibu from the parking lot.

At the intersection of East Grand and Mill Creek Road, Dulaney’s vehicle crossed the double yellow lane in the center of the roadway, so the officer initiated a traffic stop.

Roman Dulaney – allegedly up to no good.

Dulaney exhibited signs of nervousness and avoided eye-contact with the officer, who told him the reason for the traffic stop. When the officer asked if he could search the vehicle, Dulaney gave permission to do so. Dulaney acknowledged that he had taken something from the Crown Victoria at the Carpet Inn, a telephone belonging to a friend.

Before exiting the vehicle, Dulaney apprised the officer that he was carrying two knives, which the officer took from him and placed at the side of the road. A search of the passenger side revealed Dulaney’s wallet with $231 attached to it with a money clip and a black bag containing mushrooms. When Dulaney acknowledged that they were psychedelic mushrooms, he was placed in custody.

Small bags and pouches of marijuana, methamphetamine, and ground mushrooms were also found in the black bag, together with a glass pipe, a marijuana grinder, and two red straws with powder residue inside.

Other items found in the vehicle were a scale, several small empty baggies, a cell phone, an iPad, and a number of tools. Dulaney was transported to the Garland County Detention Center, charged with multiple felonies, and turned over to the custody of the GCDC for processing.