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Unspecified “Protest” Planned Downtown – HOT SPRINGS

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I woke up around 2PM today and had approximately 200 messages referencing “a KKK event downtown this weekend”.  I contacted Hot Springs Police and asked about this.  They provided the following information in reference to the Facebook Rumor.

I asked where this information came from and was not able to determine who announced this event or what group(s) might be in attendance from the answer given.

Official Statement – HOT SPRINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT (Corporal Kirk Zaner)

The Hot Springs Police Department in conjunction with the National Park Service, Garland County Sheriff’s Department, Arkansas State Police and other stakeholders in our community are in the process of developing a comprehensive operational plan that will address a myriad of contingencies and possibilities.

Proper planning and communication are two vital components in ensuring the safety of every citizen along with their property. For operational security, I will not divulge specific operations or logistics at this time; however, we will be devoting additional assets and resources to ensure a safe event. We are doing everything possible to ensure that what occurred in Charlottesville does not happen here in our city. With this said, we will not tolerate violence or the destruction of property in any shape or form. Those individuals that intend to promote or engage in violent or destructive acts will face immediate criminal charges.

The unspecified rally is to be held on the Arlington Lawn; Saturday, August 19, 2017..9AM – 9:30PM