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Truck Vs. Guy Wire On Sleepy Valley Road – GARLAND COUNTY

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Garland County Sheriff’s K-9 Patrol Deputy Strickland investigated a single vehicle, Pick-up truck vs. guy wire crash early this morning on Sleepy Valley Road at Indian Mountain Trail.

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Evidence at the scene showed that the truck struck the guy wire and became stuck on it.

The crash was reported to GCSO Dispatch approximately 2 hours after the crash occurred.  No injury was reported.

Before the wrecker truck could hook up to the truck, Entergy had to come out and inspect the pole.  It ws decided that the best thing to do would be to disassemble the guy wire and drive the truck out of it’s final rest position.  It sounded good to Dep. Strickland.  So, that’s what they did.  But, in order to do that, a big, pole setting truck had to come out to assist.  The pole truck took the stress off of the situation while the truck was recovered.  Then, a new guy wire was installed.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 2 hours.