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Traffic Stop For Alleged Broken Tail Light Leads To Dope Bust; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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Story by Arkansas 911 News Writer Amanda Goodman

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Davis reports the following:

On 08/14/19 at approximately 0442 I, Off Davis 141 conducted a traffic stop on a green Acura for a defective passenger side brake light.

I made contact with the driver.  The driver was run through dispatch and was showing to have a suspended drivers license.  The passenger Lindsay Baehr was also run through dispatch and returned with a valid drivers license.

Lindsay J. Baehr, 37, of Mimosa Point in Hot Springs – allegedly riding around with a makeup bag containing meth.

The driver was asked if officers could conduct a search of the vehicle in which she replied, yes.  Baehr was also asked if officers could conduct a search of her purse and the passenger side of the vehicle there she was located in which she also replied, yes.  Officers made sure to inform both subjects that they could stop the search at anytime.

On the passenger side of the vehicle where Baehr was located, a small off-white colored, almost pink makeup bag was located.  Inside the bag a small clear baggie containing a clear crystal like substance was located.  The clear crystal like substance was field tested and showed a positive reaction for the presumptive identification of methamphetamine (ICE).  The total weight of the substance was approximately 0.7 grams.

Baehr was placed into custody, cuffs checked for fit and double locked, and read her Miranda rights.  Baehr stated that the bag was not hers and she did not know whose bag it was.  Baehr was arrested for Possession Of Schedule II Controlled Substance (meth), since the bag was located on the passenger side in her immediate area.  Baehr was transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing. She has a bond amount of $2,500.