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Traffic Stop..Dope & 2 Guns; Felony Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Hampton reports that he was on patrol in the area of Industrial Park Drive last night when he found a black Hyundai car executing an improper U-turn on a public street.  He then saw a female walk from the railroad tracks an d get into the Hyundai.  He turned on the blue lights in order to conduct a traffic stop.

The Hyundai pulled over and Dep. Hampton went up to make contact.  As soon as he made contact, he detected the overwhelming aroma of marijuana coming from inside the Hyundai.  Dep. Hampton told the driver why he was being stopped.  The deputy asked the driver if there was any illegal drugs or marijuana inside the car.  The driver turned to the rear seat passenger and said “give it up, man”.

The rear seat passenger, Jeremiah Lukus Covey, 18, of Bailey Place in Hot Springs, reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic baggie containing suspected marijuana.  Dep. Hampton also saw a baggy underneath Mr. Covey’s foot.  He told him to hand that over as well for a total of 15.2 grams of suspected marijuana.

Jeremiah Lukus Covey, 18, of Bailey Place in Hot Springs – allegedly riding around God’s country armed with 2 loaded pistols and 2 bags of weed.

Dep. Hampton saw a 9mm shell casing on the floorboard.  He asked the driver if there were any weapons in the vehicle.  The driver said “there shouldn’t be”.  The female was asked to exit the car and sit on the ground.  He slid her seat forward so Mr. Covey could exit.  When he moved the seat, he saw 2 pistols laying at Mr. Covey’s feet.  The Rossi .38 special revolver was loaded with 6 rounds.  The FM HI-Power 9mm pistol was loaded with 10 rounds.

Dep. Hampton found 7 .38 special bullets on Mr. Covey during a search of his person.  These bullets matched the bullets found in the revolver.

Mr. Covey spontaneously uttered “I just want to go home.  The weed is mine; I picked it up for a friend and was taking it to him”.  Mr. Covey was arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.  At the jail, Mr. Covey said that he was familiar with the guns and gave the name of who he believed the owner is.  He said she had shown him the guns when she purchased them at her home.  He also said that he went to a person’s house to buy the marijuana so he could deliver it to a friend.  He said that he separated a small amount of the marijuana into a separate baggie for his own use.

Mr. Covey is charged with Felony Simultaneous Possession Of Drugs And Firearms and Possession Of A Controlled Substance With Purpose To Deliver and was initially being held without bond.

There was no further mention of the driver or the female passenger in the arrest report.