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Suspicious Person Harassing Women At Wal-Mart – GARLAND COUNTY

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Garland County Sheriff’s Training Sergeant Schroeder was on patrol in the area of Highway 70 West near the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market when he took a call for a suspicious man harassing women in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot.  The man was asking for money.

Sgt. Schroeder arrived and found the suspect.  He asked the man what was going on and the man told the Sgt. that he was stuck in that parking lot with a car that needed oil, but had no money…he was trying to ask people for money to help out.  It just so may have been that the majority of the people he asked were women – he couldn’t be sure.

Sgt. Schroeder didn’t skip a beat.  He grabbed his radio and told the dispatcher that he would be busy for a few minutes at Wal-Mart buying oil with this fella.  They caught a rare lull in the action for about 15 minutes and Sgt. Schroeder purchased a couple of bottles of oil for the stranded motorist.  Problem solved!

Our law enforcement people in Garland County and everywhere do stuff like this everyday.  Sometimes I’m lucky enough to hear about it and punch out the story.