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Suspicious Cabin Fire At Church Camp – LONSDALE

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Lonsdale Fire Troops were called out to the Spring Lake Church Cabins on Parsons Street earlier this week to battle a fully involved cabin fire at an abandoned cabin in the woods.

The dirt road leading to the cabin was steep muddy trail.  The first fire truck to start up the steep drive became stuck in the mud and had to park right there.  Firefighters had to break out enough hose to cover the 700 ft. distance between the truck and the fire.

Lonsdale FD Assistant Chief Lashlee said that approximately 13 firefighters responded to the call with 3 fire trucks.  The one engine that became stuck, provided water to the fire.  The other 2 trucks shuttled water from the closest fire hydrant to the truck closest to the scene.  Asst. Chief Lashlee said that the group of cabins had been used for storage and were not being lived in.  The cabins have not been supplied with electricity for a while now.

This fire was being called suspicious in nature because no one should have been near the cabins and the electricity was not hooked up.

This is one of the cabins next to the one that was destroyed by fire.