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Suspect In W. St. Louis Drive By Arrested; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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Story by Arkansas 911 News Writer Amanda Goodman

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Detective Shawn Stillian reports the following:

On 08/01/2019, at approximately 1755 hours, the residence at 1607 West Saint Louis Street was struck by gunfire from a drive by shooting.  Inside the residence at the time of the incident were three adults and three juveniles.

The residence was struck six times by gunfire and a black 2010 Ford Escape, which was parked in the front yard, was also struck one time.  Officers located 10 spent .22 caliber cartridge casings in the street.  The casings stretched from 1611 W. St. Louis to 1605 W. St. Louis.  Also located was one 9mm cartridge that had not been fired.  The cartridge was located in the street in front of 1609 W. St. Louis.

A residence in the area has several exterior security cameras and captured the incident.  In the video, which also has sound, a black male (subject #1) walks up to 1607 W. St Louis and knocks on the door.  He starts walking up the street towards 1611 W. St. Louis.  He meets up with another subject, identified as Montez Dixon, who is walking towards 1607 W. St. Louis from the other direction.

Montez Saquan Dixon, 24, of Illinois Street in Hot Springs – allegedly fired rounds at a house on West Saint Louis Street on August 1st.

A black Dodge SUV pulls into the driveway of 1611 and two other subjects (#3 and #4) get out and meet up with Dixon and subject #1.

All 4 subjects then start walking towards 1607 W. St. Louis at which time one of the occupants of 1607 W. St.Louis came outside and there is a verbal exchange between them.

Dixon and subject #3 pull out handguns and Dixon “racks” the slide ejecting the 9mm cartridge that was later recovered.  All of a sudden, all 4 subjects take off running back towards 1611 W. St. Louis.  Dixon is observed pointing his gun back towards 1607 W. St. Louis and shoots one time.

They get into the Dodge SUV and quickly drive past 1607 W. St. Louis with subject #3 firing at the house from the backseat of the SUV.  One spent 9mm casing was located in the grass where Dixon is observed shooting from at 1611 W. St. Louis.

On 08/01/2019 at approximately 10:45 hrs Dixon was arrested on unrelated charges and transported to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Hot Springs Police Department for processing.  Dixon was placed in an interview room that is recorded in both audio and video.  Dixon is observed wearing a distinguishing pair of white pants with a blue stripe on the side of both pant legs and multi-colored design on the lower legs.  After processing, Dixon was transported to the Garland County Detention Center.  It was discovered Dixon bonded out of the detention center at 14:50 hrs on 08/01/2019.

I, Detective Stillian, reviewed the video of Dixon’s interview at the Hot Springs Police Department and the video from 1609 W. St. Louis and I positively identified the person in both videos as being Montez Dixon.

Mr. Dixon is charged with Felony Terroristic Act with bond not available.