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Storm Chaser Weather Report (9/26/2016) – GARLAND COUNTY.

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I hope you guys had a great weekend it looks like will have another great week ahead!


It’s going to be a very nice day today with a high around 76° and 20% chance of a pop up shower. Starting tonight our night time lows will stay in the 50″s time to break out the sweaters and light jackets!

In other weather news residents in Bradenton, FL got an incredible show last night. Central Florida is the most lightning prone area in the United States with about 90 thunderstorm days a year. Because of this, Florida has more lightning deaths than any other state. In fact, lightning kills more people in Florida than all other weather hazards combined.

The photo of the day is one taken by myself of one of the pop up storms from last week this is looking west along highway 70 West.


Have a great Monday Everybody.