Arkansas 911 News

Stolen Vehicle..Fleeing..Tazed; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Lieutenant Patrick and his associates took a report for a stolen vehicle.  The vehicle was allegedly stolen from a restaurant parking lot in the city.

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Officer Jones was on patrol later in the evening in the area of 7th Street when he spotted the vehicle; the driver allegedly fled.  The pursuit was a quick one.  The suspect turned onto Ranch Street from 7th Street, allegedly jumped out and ran on foot.

Several HSPD officers were already in the area and were able to set a small, tight perimeter around the affected couple of blocks.  HSPD K-9 Team Officer Constant/Raven were very quick to arrive and worked to spook the suspect into running.  When they got close, the suspect ran – right into HSPD Sergeant Luzader and her crew that were waiting on Hillview Street.  I was in the church parking lot 1 block away at Leonard Street/Panama Street getting the camera ready when I heard running and officers ordering the suspect to stop.  After about 10 seconds of that, I heard the bang of what I know to be a tazer being fired.  At this point I heard all kinds of wild screaming.  So, I knew that the suspect had been tazed.

Tracy Sparks – Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I went around the corner and found the tazer party.  No more yelling from the officers, but the suspect, Tracy Douglas Sparks, 36, was handcuffed, sitting on the ground and screaming that he was not the suspect.  He went on about how he was not the suspect, he “is too fat to run” and kept referencing a “mexican” and “others” that the police were actually chasing.

Sgt. Luzader tended to the suspect as an ambulance was summoned.

Calling Medics to check tazer victims is standard procedure.  LifeNet Troops arrived quickly and cleared the suspect.

Mr. Sparks didn’t want to get into the police Tahoe, but Hot Springs’ Finest convinced him that it was a good idea and he got in that thing, pronto.

Mr. Sparks was transported to the Garland County Detention Center.  He is charged with Theft By Receiving, Fleeing and his bond was set at $3,500.00.