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Stolen Antique Silver Flatware Sold; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Detective Jessup reports the following:

On 06/10/19, a victim reported a burglary to her residence, on Park Avenue.  The victim advised the burglary occurred between 06/04/19, and 06/10/19 at approximately 1200 hours.  Stolen in the burglary was a Cobra .38 caliber revolver, approximately fifty pieces of antique silver flatware, and two Nikon cameras.  Several pieces of the silver flatware was found on the front yard of the residence.

On 06/12/19 I, Detective Les Jessup, searched local pawn records for silver flatware sold or pawned since 06/04/19.  I found where sterling flatware was sold to a local pawn shop on Central Avenue, on 06/10/19.

I went to the pawn shop and compared a photo of the flatware found on the front yard of the residence, to the flatware sold to the pawn shop.  The pattern was an exact match to the flatware in the photo.  The flatware was sold by a female suspect .

The flatware sold by the female suspect consisted of ten forks, and twelve knives, valued at $1051.38.

On 06/14/19, I, Detective Les Jessup, obtained a copy of surveillance video footage of the transaction involving the female suspect.

At approximately 1804 hours the female suspect enters the pawn shop, accompanied by a white male carrying a backpack.  The white male presents the silverware to the clerk, who then examines it.

On 06/17/19, I interviewed the female suspect at the Garland County Detention Center.  She advised she was contacted by Logan Morrison, her daughter’s boyfriend, who asked her for a ride to the pawn shop.  She advised she gave Morrison a ride to the pawn shop. He told her he had lost his ID card, and asked her to use her identification to sell the silverware.

Kenneth Logan Morrison, 26, of China Berry Circle in Garland County – allegedly talked someone into fronting their ID to sell stolen silver flatware.

I compared an Arkansas identification photo of Kenneth Logan Morrison, along with the current booking photos, and photos from Leadsonline, with the subject seen in the video from the pawn shop, and confirmed the subject in the video is Kenneth Logan Morrison.

An arrest warrant was obtained for Mr. Morrison and entered into the police computer.

On 08/07/19 Mr. Morrison was in the Garland County Detention Center on unrelated charges and served with this warrant of arrest. He is charged with Felony Theft By Receiving with a bond amount totaling $2,500.