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Someone Forges Deceased Woman’s Name On Her Stolen Check; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Employees at a local bank contacted the victim of a forgery case that occurred in January 2019.  This forged check was shown to the victim.  It was for the amount of $480.  This check was allegedly written in January 2019 for a washer & dryer.  The signature line was forged to show the name Marie McCruden.  The victim advised that this account was shared between he and Ms. McCruden.  He also advised that Ms. McCruden’s checkbook had been stolen at an unknown time in the past.  Ms. McCruden is deceased.

The bank teller refused to cash the check, contacted the living victim connected to the joint account and then Hot Springs Police became involved.

HSPD Detective Rines reviewed the bank’s surveillance tape during the period that the forged check was allegedly presented to the teller.  Det. Rines was able to identify the suspect as Ikaika Kona Aneuber, 37, of Clairmont Street in Hot Springs, and swore out a warrant for his arrest.

Ikaika Kona Aneuber, 37, of Clairmont Street in Hot Springs – allegedly has stolen check and forgery issues to work out with the court.

The warrant charging Mr. Aneuber with Felony Forgery was served on him last Thursday when he showed up at another bank across town allegedly trying to cash another stolen check.

HSPD Officers arrived at the bank and located the suspect (matching the description they were given) inside the bank at the front counter.  They detained him until they were able to sort through the details of what was happening.  They quickly learned from employees that the check the suspect was allegedly trying to cash had been reported stolen.  That’s when employees called the police.

Mr. Annueber was arrested.  After being Mirandized, Off. Sampson asked Mr. Anueber where he got the check. He allegedly advised that it was payment for an iPhone that he sold to some, unknown male.  The check was written for $790.  Police confirmed that the check had been reported stolen to HSPD on April 24, 2019.

Officers were apparently able to also locate a Failure To Appear Warrant for Mr. Aneuber as well.

Mr. Anueber is charged with Felony Forgery, Theft By Receiving and Failure To Appear with a bond amount totaling $4,500.