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Sheriff’s CID Lieutenant Puts A Stop To Some Nonsense – GARLAND COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Wednesday, Garland County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division Lieutenant Ware knew of the alleged attempted break-in of an apartment on South Rogers Road earlier in the day and buzzed through the area at the end of his shift just to look around a little.

He wasn’t on scene long before he saw the alleged suspect from that morning at the extreme edge of the property near the tree line.  As the Lt. would maneuver his car into positions that would access the suspect, the suspect allegedly played ‘cat & mouse’ with the Lieutenant.  The Lieutenant was not in a position to catch the suspect.

Lt. Ware got on the radio.  A few minutes later, he had a GCSO deputy, corporal, sergeant, captain and an Arkansas State Trooper arrive on the next street over, which put them about 50 feet behind the suspect – who was focused intently on the Lieutenant; 100 yards away.

Edgar Omar Vega, 21 – charged with Trespassing

Arrested at the tree line, there, was one Edgar Omar Vega 21.  When I arrived, he was handcuffed and sitting on the ground.  He appeared to be suffering some type of malaise.  A LifeNet Ambulance Crew was dispatched to the scene.  They met with Mr. Vega, but did not treat him that I am aware of.

Mr. Vega was transported to the Garland County Detention booked and charged with Trespassing with a bond of $2,500.