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Shed Fire On Crystal Hill Road – GARLAND COUNTY

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Piney Fire Troops were called to the scene of a fully involved structure fire in the 800 Block of Crystal Hill Road last night.

Piney Fire Department arrived with at least 3 fire trucks and at least 15 firefighters.  PFD Lieutenant Miser made it to the scene in less than 5 minutes from being dispatched.  When he arrived, he reported that the flames were shooting 40 feet into the sky.

The fire from the spread to an automobile that was parked within feet of the shed.   The car was heavily damaged by the fire.

A structure behind the shed was in danger of catching fire the entire time.  PFD was able to save that structure from becoming involved.

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol positioned themselves to assist traffic with circling through the Ward’s Crawfish Hole Parking Lot because fire trucks and hoses were blocking the road.  At least 1 vehicle almost ran over Deputy Green as he was trying to flag them to stop.  If he had not been there, I am certain that this vehicle would have rammed the parked sheriff’s patrol truck that was parked in the road….with all of it’s blue/red lights going.

The cause of the fire had not been determined before I departed the scene.