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Several Cars and Multi-Structures On Fire; 13 Fire Departments Respond – GLEN ROSE

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Glen Rose Fire Department was assisted by 12 other fire departments last Tuesday for a multi-structure fire that also destroyed approximately 10 vehicles on Highway 67 in Glen Rose.

Glen Rose Fire Chief Kenny Farber said that his department was dispatched to the 21,000 Block of Highway 67 at approximately 6:10AM Tuesday for a possible woods/grass fire.  GRFD was already in the immediate area working a traffic crash when dispatched for this fire.  The first Glen Rose FD Units to arrive at the scene of the woods/grass fire quickly realized that this was, in fact, a structure fire that included a portion of the woods adjacent to the burning structures.

45 back up Fire Troops and 21 trucks from Lonsdale FD, Ouachita FD, Turtle Creek, Haskell, FD, New DeRoache FD, Poyen FD, Malvern FD, Magnet Cove FD, Traskwood FD, Lono Rolla FD, Southwest FD, and Rockport FD were immediately dispatched to assist with this situation where 2 houses were already on fire and several more were in immediate danger.

In addition to the 2 houses that were destroyed by fire, 3 sheds, approximately 10 vehicles and approximately 8 acres of woods also burned.  The Fire Fighting Team was able to save 2 homes from damage and no injuries were reported.

Arkansas Forestry Fire Fighters arrived with bulldozers to assist with extinguishing the woods fire.  Bulldozers get in front of the fire and cut a swath of trees and brush, creating a wide break (like a wide trail) that prevents flames from jumping from tree to tree.  The flames get to the path and nothing is there to burn.  So, the fire stops moving and burns itself out.  It still needs to be monitored for a while after the fire stops spreading.  It may even need to be hit with water.  But the bulldozers is the way to go when trying to stop a spreading woods fire like this.

The cause of the fire is unknown.